Visiting Dubai gives you unforgettable moments and emotions.
Will they, blinking with a bright flash, be erased from memory?
No way!
There is a way to capture wonderful moments!


Photo session in Dubai is the best memorable souvenir filled with the happy moments.

Dubai is deservedly considered to be a city of oriental miracles. Charming Burj Al Arab, luxury beaches Jumeirah and Dubai Mall, daring beauty of Musical Fountain, majesty of Burj Khalifa – all of these places sparkle back the eyes and color the ladies’ chicks. And men can view their women in a different role. Dubai is like a brand dress: your lady will become a super star!

Charming images created by the atmosphere of an exotic megalopolis seem to be asking to capture them by camera lens. Nevertheless, not every photographer in Dubai is capable to make them! This requires professionalism, experience and artistic taste but the main thing is for photographer to create a unity with his working tool, while the camera becomes an extension of photographer’s eyes and hands.

Photographer in Dubai Galina Plevako is a master. She does not only grab your life moments – she is to help you to create attractive photo stories and images to reflect your dreams. Photography is hobby for Galina, her calling and passion.


Photography Services in Dubai by Galina Plevako:

  • Portfolio photo shooting
  • Wedding photo shooting
  • Detailed event shooting
  • Studio photography
  • Photo shooting for couples
  • Object photography
  • Maternity photo shooting
  • Family and baby’s photography


What’s different in Galina Plevako’s approach?

  1. Female perspective.

Lots of Arabic men work in Dubai as photographers that might create some inconveniences for Russian-speaking women to communicate with them. That is why it’s complicated for models to show all their potential. With Galina women will not have problems with mutual communication. Trustful relations between a photographer and model should be literally established within the first minutes of photo shooting. As a result, your elegant and passionate images will become a solid part of your portfolio or family photo album.

  1. Interpersonal communication with a model.

Due to Galina’s skill the inner beauty of models might be externally shaped. Galina can practically prove one old statement, that every woman is beautiful. She reveals this beauty with the help of the delicate look, good angle, lighting and across contexts.

  1. Knowledge of Dubai aesthetics.

Dubai Photographer Galina Plevako is familiar with city center and suburbs. She feels the city energy, the soul of its beaches, luxury hotels and gigantic shopping malls. The images she picks for photos reflect Dubai aesthetics, such as daring and confident business women on the background with the fantastic skyscrapers, heartwarming couples in the halo of the rising sun or happy babies in aquapark.


Photo shooting in Dubai with Galina Plevako is a holiday, available for every tourist!

Shooting with Galina Plevako is not only about pleasant results of photo for memory. The photo session itself gives a lot of delightful moments. Thinking over the theme and plot, creating unexpected images, acquaintance with the most beautiful places in Dubai – all this is a continuous whirlwind of positive, which is as dizzy as champagne. Models are beside themselves with joy!

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