Professional photographer in Dubai

If you plan your leisure stay in UAE, you should definitely visit Dubai. It’s a wonderful city with fascinating dusks and dawns that is worth to see with your own eyes and remember the best moments of your trip as well as share your experience with your close friends and colleagues. Would you like to get inspired by UAE and grab your emotions? Let’s make an unforgettable photo shooting in Dubai desert and other amazing spots!

Photography services in Dubai

Any of your life events will become colorful. Your wedding ceremony in Dubai will become unforgettable due to detailed event shooting. Maternity or family photo session will gift you eternal memories about every second of your happiness. We can organize professional studio photography in Dubai among beautiful landscapes of the downtown, seaside and authentic architecture sights. Can you imagine this oriental photo session? Just a fairy tale! Together we can create fantastic photos and magical environment. Even men, who are introverts by nature, will get inspired by the photo session in Dubai!

Photo shooting in Dubai by Galina Plevako 

  • Comfortable shooting for fun. You will be guided about the best photo locations in Dubai. Besides, you will get some relevant tips on how to pose and behave naturally while shooting to have your photos looking fantastic! The advice of a professional photographer would relieve stress even from those who don’t consider themselves photogenic.
  • Interpersonal communication. Unlike local photographers in Dubai who do not know your native language, you still would be able to comfortably communicate and perfectly understand each other. You would receive a clear and friendly answer to any question.
  • Perfect Dubai aesthetics. A photographer with extensive experience in professional photography and video shooting in the UAE is definitely aware of the best places in UAE that will surprise you, inspire and become the right surroundings for memorable moments. The best locations for photo shoots in Dubai would become your best memories.

Camera lens will grab all the sincere and vivid emotions. Years later, in winter or hot summer, within any company, you will remember one of the brightest vacations in the UAE. Our endless photo ideas in Dubai will turn into gorgeous photos and will be the perfect proof!

Take a look at the photographer’s portfolio (negotiable price). Do you like it, right? Let’s capture your precious moments on vacation in the UAE!


Your personal photographer – Galina Plevako.

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